В Москве показали работы молодой художницы из Якутии

Художница из Якутии Дуня Захарова представила мультидисциплинарный проект Hysteria в музее «АРТ4» в Москве. 

На выставке можно увидеть инсталляции, скульптуры, видеоролики и живопись Захаровой.

«Выдуманная художницей мифология рассматривается под ярким лабораторным светом. Сублимируя свой личный опыт, она выстраивает нарратив, обращаясь к языческим корням», — говорится в описании выставки на сайте музея.

Увидеть проект Дуни Захаровой можно до 19 октября в московском музее «АРТ4» в Хлыновском тупике, 4.

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Exhibition opening of my new multidisciplinary project ‘Hysteria’ TONIGHT in Moscow. 7:09-10:30 pm, Арт4, Khlynovskiy tupik 4 Installation works, sculpture, video, music, drawings, embroidery, painting and performance art will combine into one. The mythos created by the artist will be examined under a laboratory-bright light. Drawing and sublimating from her own personal life experiences, she builds a new narrative, sourced from pagan roots, psychiatric disorders and sexual perversions. The name of the new exhibit, «Hysteria» comes from the Greek “hystera” (uterus), which serves here as a metaphor for the issues of female sexuality and the stigma that mental illness still bears today. The visible gendered naming of this antiquated medical term was attributed to the source of this illness — the assumed “wrong movements of the uterus” within the body, which was connected to the pressure it supposedly put on other internal organs. These imagined spasms could be felt in the new exhibit, as visitors will find themselves inside a four-meter installation, depicting the female body. The videos were created in collaboration with the artist and composer Alina Petrova. The action, recorded on tape and then digitized into our reality, documents some form of ritual, where a body interacts with objects to become their part, their continuation. Much like a shaman, the artist becomes a mediator between his own imagined world and the modern reality. During the video, one can hear the traditional algys (an appeal to the spirits by a shaman during his ritual) in Yakut language. The rapidly-disappearing native tongue slowly becomes an abstract noise, which carries the observer into the void of an altered state.

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